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68K+ of engaged followers.

I’m an active member of a strong, world-wide network of creatives and influencers gathered around love for plant based beautiful food – photographers, bloggers, authors, chefs. I have developed an authentic and personal relationship with my followers since my first post almost exactly two years ago.

'Queen of Bento'

Being one of the first, and possibly the biggest non-asian Instagram accounts focusing on plant based, professionally photographed bento boxes I often get called 'Queen of Bento' by followers and friends.

The response I have for my posts is humbling and heart-warming – comments on how my style of bentos inspire and delight.

I feel that I have started a new niche – healthy, plant based packed lunch for a western audience, in the novel form of bentos. To a Japanese audience I am keeping enough elements of a traditional bento for it to be recognisable, however my combinations and use of ingredients is new and fresh as well as the large proportion of raw and whole food.

"You see, a bento culture originates from here, but I've never seen some of the things you put in #shisobento in typical bentos here, and they are really refreshing to see. Revolutionary, even."

"My fussy-eater-all-her-life teenage daughter has asked me to do her salad based packed lunch 😱 I've been stealing ideas from you, Sara. So far, it's been going great 👍🏻 She is really happy with what I pack and says she's looking forward to her lunch time." 

[Japanese follower]

Working with brands and businesses



I am brand ambassador for French lifestyle company Monbento since September 2016 as a direct result of my Instagram account. The photography I create for them visually influences their identity and is used throughout all their marketing: web, packaging and print.


I collaborate with up and coming London Kyoto artisanal tea brand Matchaeologist, again as result of my Instagram account. The collaboration includes photography, recipes and mutual social sharing, including a #shisomatcha competition in December 2016 with over 200 unique entries from my followers.

Print Magazine Features

Cook Vegan (UK) – recipe and photography, April 2017
Vegan Life (UK) – recipe and photography, January 2017
THRIVE (US) – recipe and photography, August 2016
BASIC Magazine (US) – recommended Instagram accounts, January 2016

Japanese TV

Shiso Delicious was featured in 2016 and 2017 on the annual show Bento Expo, broadcast on NHK World. The feature included a short home-shot video and a personal presentation.

Graphic design for food and art

Since 2007 I have freelanced with clients from the natural/raw/vegan/vegetarian/organic food industry and the arts as a graphic designer.

Design for Food



With a BA in Dance and Visual Art from Brighton University, I was a practicing performance / dance / photographic artist between 2003-2012, working solo, in collaboration and as member of a dance theatre company.

'Of Photography' Performance 2010

'Of Photography' Performance 2010

'Stick Piece' performed at SPILL Festival of Performance 2009

'Stick Piece' performed at SPILL Festival of Performance 2009

'ink choreografik' Durational photographic performance. Jan-Feb 2011

'ink choreografik' Durational photographic performance. Jan-Feb 2011