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15 % Off Matchaeologist – Matcha tea

Use code ShisoDelicious at checkout. No minimum purchase. Fast, worldwide delivery.

I love the quality and design of Matchaeologist. I recommend Matsu for drinking pure and Meiko for lattes, treats, or great for drinking too. 

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15% off MuLondon

15% off web orders (affordable worldwide shipping!)

My winter skin is literally drinking up my moisturiser (Hemp and pine) from this beautiful London based brand.

MuLondon brings joy and balance with their award-winning skin care range from London, inspired by traditional herbalism. Pure natural essential oils and herbal extracts are used to divinely scent and gently preserve the certified organic ingredients.


20% Off Clearspring 

20% off web orders, one use per customer

My favourite brand for Japanese ingredients outside of Japan. Clearspring makes it easy to cook Japanese inspired dishes here in the UK! They have a huge range of goods not only Japanese, all highest natural quality, mostly organic and with no additives or refined sugars.

As an Anglo-Japanese family brand, Clearspring prides itself in supplying the best of organic/premium quality Japanese and macrobiotic foods with 100% vegetarian/vegan ingredients. 

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20% off 'Vegan Bowls for Vegan Souls' 

Print book, coconut bowl and cutlery bundle. Use code shisodelicious at checkout.

My recipe Momo Peche Bento Bowl features in this book, along with recipes by another 99 Instagram plant based food profiles, of many are friends. A document of this time (2017) on Instagram you could say :) 


#plasticfreefoodie fundraising eZine (Vol 1 - 2017)

A global-community project initiated and lovingly put together by my friend Conscious Cooking that I've contributed to. 100% of proceeds go to the Plastic Oceans Foundation and the Ocean Conservancy. It showcases 80 vegan recipes made from ingredients that are free from single-use plastic packaging by contributors from over 60 foodies, zero-waste influencers, ocean and marine life photographers.

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Buy Whole Foods Online

I've used Buy Whole Foods Online for over 4 years now for most of my dry, organic bulk ingredients. Great prices, all the goods I need, free delivery option and an amazing weekly offer once you've ordered from them once (ie a bonus wholefood ingredients included with your order, no small amounts either! What about 1 kilo of nuts or 3 kilos of quinoa. You get the idea). 

Buy Whole Foods Online is an international health food supplier based in Kent. They deliver top quality natural and organic whole foods, directly to homes and businesses across the UK and Europe.


Before Breakfast Stationery 

When I walked past Before Breakfasts' pop-up shop earlier this year I just had to turn back and go inside –the aesthetics and functionality of these handcrafted stationery are right up my street! I love the poetic story behind this London based design and Riso print studio too. Inks and paper are eco-friendly, all round a beautiful product that I'm happy to use and recommend.

C Soaps .jpg

C Soaps Nordic

C Soaps is a Norwegian brand founded by Caroline Heyerdahl with a beautiful range of green, effective cleaning products, fragranced with the most exquisite essential oil combinations!

I've used them for the past months and can't wait for them to be distributed in the UK! Currently they're available in Scandinavia only. Curious to hear what you think of them.

They have THE cutest cleaning/wiping cloths too – vintage recycled towel cloth, 100% plastic free including packaging.