Overnight Oats with Blueberry Cashew Cream

Sunday, time to make a little extra effort with breakfast, order some sunshine from the weather gods and enjoy it outside! These little breakfast pots tick all the boxes for me; delicious, nourishing and filling, low in sugar – only sweetened with natural whole sweeteners as all my recipes – dates in this case. To finish it off, it's as lilac and pretty as can be! A and me had ours with one free range organic boiled egg on the side and green tea – this kept us going for hours.

The breakfast preparation comes in two parts – soaking the oats, seeds and cashews the night before, and making the cream and assemble it all in jars in the morning.

The cashew cream makes this breakfast extra indulgent and delicious and adds plant-based proteins and fats which help me feel full for longer. The soaked flax and chia seeds are full of essential fatty acids and I like the nice and gentle influence their mucilage have in my first meal of the day (mucilage = the 'gel' these seeds create when you soak them. Not the most delicious-sounding word, I know .. ! ). Blueberries are just the bomb generally, a low-sugar, anti-oxidant rich berry with so much concentrated goodness – even just a few is enough to infuse anything it's mixed with that special blueberry flavour and hue.

Something I love about putting food in jars, wide glasses or cups is that you don't need a table for eating .. Jar in one hand, spoon in the other, you can sit wherever you want: on the floor, outside on the grass or a bench, or perched on a balcony. To me there's also a feeling of satisfaction to actually hold the food I'm about to eat, to feel and see it close, understand its weight and give it a little warmth with my hand – before shoving it into my face! Interestingly, the centrepiece of traditional Japanese food, white round grain rice, is served on its own in a small bowl with many small dishes on the side. The rice bowl is kept in one hand throughout the meal, while mouthfuls of rice and the other dishes are manoeuvred with the other.

Holding the breakfast in these images is my talented hand model, Sunday breakfast buddy and hubby A :)

Recipe: Sunday Overnight Oats with Blueberry and Cashew Cream

Makes two portions

Ingredients: Overnight Oats

Enough rolled oats for two people, 200 - 400 ml 

2 tablespoons flax seeds

2 tablespoons chia seeds

Water to cover

Ingredients: Blueberry Cashew cream

100 ml cashews

75 ml water to blend

1 - 3 dates depending on how sweet you like it

a pinch vanilla powder or a few drops of natural vanilla essence

100-150 ml frozen (slightly thawed) or fresh blueberries

How to

1. In the evening, place all the overnight oats' ingredients in a bowl, cover with water and stir. In another bowl, cover the cashews and dates with water. If your dates are already soft enough to blend you can skip soaking them. Cover both bowls and leave at room temperature or in your fridge. 

2. In the morning, stir up the oats and part into two jars.

3. Drain the cashews/dates. Blend them with fresh water and vanilla on high for at least one minute until light coloured and thick. Add the blueberries and blend another few seconds.

4. Scoop the cream on top of the oats and top with more blueberries. 

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Much love, Sara x