Simplest, Perfectly Baked Sweet Potato!

Living in the UK I'm all so familiar with the national favourite baked potato. It features on every regular 'caf's' lunch menu, and with beans and cheese it's a classic vegetarian's meal. Not a hugely inventive dish most of the time but times have changed – enter baked sweet potato!

Shiso Delicious | Easiest way to bake a sweet potato!

I love having baked sweet potato with a range of flavourful, vibrant fillings. It may seem far away from 'beans and cheese' but it's essentially the same thing – comforting carbs with some proteins and fat – only hopefully a little more nutritious and gentle on the body! Pictured is Beetroot Harissa Lentil Pâté and smoked tofu, mint and walnut pesto plus things you won't find in a regular ol' baked spud – all the goodness of probiotic sauerkraut, fresh greens and good quality vegetables.  

After reading a few recipes and baking a few potatoes I came up with my method of 'least resistance' – making a perfectly baked, moist, caramelly sweet potato who's skin easily comes off, every time. It even uses up less energy as it's partly cooked on after-heat and prep time is literally a couple of minutes!

I'm fully satisfied eating this potato just as it is, not even with salt (a bit primitive I know, but soo good! Like cake) or paired with tangy, spicy, very savoury, fragrant and salty flavours. You need to balance that intense sweetness out with more intenseness! 


The cooking times are based on one or two 'regular sized' sweet potatoes, ca 300 g each. Slightly smaller or bigger is fine too without changing the times. I haven't tried more than two at a time but just add a little to the cooking time and it should be fine.

1. Wash, dry and place your sweet potato in a cold oven, straight on a rack. Turn to 175ºC.

2. Come back in 45 minutes, turn the oven off, wait another 15-20 minutes.

3. Ready, at perfect eating temperature! It really is that easy :)

You can place a sheet of kitchen foil on the bottom of your oven to catch any drippings.

Sweetest love, Sara x

 Before and after!

Before and after!