Shiso Delicious Mini Documentary

Earlier this year I was contacted by the creative couple Pollen/Duo about making a Shiso Delicious mini documentary. After meeting the just as talented as lovely two and understanding how much they 'got me', we embarked on production. I'm now happy to unveil what we've been working on!

One of the hottest days of this year the lovely and talented couple Caro and Kai (Pollen/Duo) tailed me on my Saturday Farmers' Market trip, followed me home then put me on a chair asking about myself and Shiso Delicious. Once I got over my initial and TOTAL clam-up I was fine ... I cooked up a storm and we feasted as the evening sun glowed and faded.
It's been a journey to be able to see and hear myself on film without cringing, just as much as it's been realising that there are people actually interested in what I have to say and show. Thank you Pollen/Duo for being part of starting this process in me in 2017!

Featuring: Sara Kiyo Popowa of Shiso Delicious 

Camera and edit: Kai Lau

Creative Director: Carolina Llamusi-Silbermann

Colourist: Megan Lee

Sound design: Andy Gillham

Shiso Delicious documentary movie
 The aftermaths of making, filming and feasting!

The aftermaths of making, filming and feasting!