Food Love Stories, brought to you by Tesco

I was happily surprised to be asked to spread the word about Tesco's new vegan recipe. One of the UK's major supermarket chains, Tesco also happens to be my local store where I get a lot of my basics so I know the store well. To know that they want to show that eating healthier – plant based even – is both delicious and easy is a great sign of the times to me. More of that please!

I tried chef Derek Sarno's BBQ 'shroom buns recipe, especially created for Tesco. Me not being a big mushroom fan normally I will be honest and say that I ate most of the 'shroom part after coming back hungry, tired and buzzing after holding my bento workshop the other night!

The video of how I styled these buns is up on my Instagram :)


Super-savoury, 'meaty' and satisfying, I like how Derek used three types of mushroom: normal chestnut, portobello and shiitake for an interesting mix of textures.

I think this recipe is great either for people who are used used to meat and want to try something that is plant-based. Or for plant-lovers like myself craving some comfort food. The smoked paprika is a nice touch, it gives that savoury smoky flavour we tend to associate with meats. I use it a lot too in my cooking!

I'm curious to see what else Tesco may do to promote healthier food choices.

And now that I know my local store sells fresh shiitake I can't wait to try them out in other creations too :)

What do YOU think of plant based becoming 'mainstream'? Would love to hear!


Lots of love, Sara x