Cashew Raspberry Parfait

Here's a cashew parfait pot recipe I love having as a little power snack. Only 4 ingredients (if I don't count the water) and super quick to make. Tastes like naughty ice cream .. but is just full of goodness of course!

A thought on vanilla: Even though it can be left out, I recommend using a little vanilla for this (and for any recipe based on soaked, blended cashews). Vanilla, even at small amounts, takes away that slightly 'waxy' note of cashews, rounding its flavour off beautifully. And in this recipe, the more vanilla you use the more this will taste like melty raspberry vanilla ice cream .. 

The recipe can easily be doubled or tripled if you want to feed a whole family or a gang of friends. They will last a day or a little more in the fridge but they're absolutely best eaten STRAIGHT AWAY :) 


Makes 2 little pots, roughly 150 ml each. 

150 ml cashews (85 g). I use organic cashew pieces.

1-4 small dates (10-50 g) depending on how sweet you like it.

100-200 ml frozen raspberries. You can use any berry, blueberries are incredibly tasty too. Frozen is best for this recipe. If you use a tart berry like redcurrant you may want to add some extra dates.

A pinch of vanilla powder (ground up whole vanilla pod) or a few drops of natural, liquid vanilla

100 ml water to blend

Shiso Delicious – Cashew Raspberry Parfait

Method Summary

1. Thaw your berries for 10-20 minutes and soak cashews and dates in hot water for 20-30 minutes.

2. Blend cashews and dates with the water and vanilla on high for at least one minute till thick and fluffy.

3. Put your half-thawed berries on the cashew cream and pulse ONCE. Done!

How to

1. Leave your berries to thaw in a cup. If you live in a hot place, leave your berries in the freezer for a little longer. It's best if the berries are almost-fully-thawed but still a little cold.

2. Soak cashews and dates together in hot water for a minimum of 20 minutes (if you want to eat it fast!), or in cold water for at least 3 hours. 

Shiso Delicious – Cashew Raspberry Parfait

3. Drain the cashews and dates. If they are still warm from soaking you can cool them under some running water, or have a slightly warm parfait – or use raspberries straight from the freezer when you blend!

4. Stick the soaked cashews and dates in your blender with vanilla and fresh water. A small blender will work best for this mini-volume of ingredients, I use the spice mill attachment on my Magimix. Blend on high for at least one minute until your mixture is light coloured, thick and fluffy. If it’s looking too thick or dry, add a little more water. The longer you've soaked your cashews the less likely you are to need extra water.

4. Turn your blender off and dump the raspberries on top of the fluff. Pulse ONCE. And your beautiful and delicious snack is ready!

Shiso Delicious – Cashew Raspberry Parfait