Mini Marble Salted Cacao Cashew Pots

Did anyone else love milk chocolate pudding as a child? I did – the kind that came out of a sachet; a light brown powder my mum whisked up with milk and served with whipped cream. This sounds so far away from anything I would eat these days, but I still love the idea of chocolate in a soft creamy pudding form! 

My palate has changed (thank goodness) to love really dark and preferably raw chocolate so for these marble pots I've combined a gentle, 'milky' cashew cream base with a punchy, dark chocolate sauce which you can choose to make as dark / sweet / salty as you like.

Mini Marble Salted Cacao Cashew Pots can be an impressive-looking mini dessert for your guests served in shot glasses (as in the photo), or a quick and creamy chocolate fix for yourself (served in ONE much bigger glass, see the end of this post ;).

  Heike  holds a tray full of Mini Marble Salted Cacao Cashew Pots during our  #summerfoodiesinfrance  stay in France.

Heike holds a tray full of Mini Marble Salted Cacao Cashew Pots during our #summerfoodiesinfrance stay in France.

This recipe is based on parts (eg 1 part cashews to 1/2 part water) rather than exact measurements – I leave it up to you to adjust the portion size. As a rule of thumb, you need a jug blender and not a stick / immersion blender when making cashew cream. You also need a reasonable amount of cashews – a minimum of 100 ml for a standard size blender jug. You may need more than this amount to get the blender blades working the nuts into a cream, depending on your blender, but if you make 'too much' cream, simply keep it in your fridge for 2-3 days and use (diluted with water if needed) in breakfasts, smoothies or curries. I use the spice mill attachment on Magimix LeBlender to make nut creams, which works really well. 

To speed things up, soak the cashews in hot water – about 20-30 minutes should make them soft enough. Otherwise, soak them in room temperature water preferably overnight, or at least 4-5 hours.

Shiso Delicious | Mini Marble Salted Cacao Cashew Pots recipe

Recipe: Mini Marble Salted Cacao Cashew Pots

Cashew Cream:

Blend on high till thick and fluffy:
1 part soaked cashews
Soft dates to taste*
A generous pinch of vanilla
1/2 part water – add a little more if the mixture is looking dry / thick after blending for a few moments

*Per 100ml cashews I use 1-2 medium sized soft date (Deglet Noor) and 1/2 teaspoon vanilla powder (ground up whole vanilla pod) for a not-too-sweet cream. Adjust to your own taste. If the dates are hard, soak them with the cashews.

If you want a whole post on making cashew cream, look here

Cacao Sauce:

If you are making a Mini Marble Salted Cacao Cashew Pot just for yourself, you may want to use between 1-2 teaspoons raw cacao powder per portion. 

If you are serving in shot glasses – you need about a teaspoon of cacao sauce per glass. 

Vigorously whisk together: 
Raw cacao powder
A little liquid sweetener if desired (coconut palm sugar, maple syrup or agave syrup)
A generous pinch of vanilla
A generous pinch of natural rock or sea salt (optional)
A small amount of water + a small amount of the cashew cream

Start with a very small amount of water and a tiny dollop of cashew cream to the dry ingredients and slowly add more while whisking to get a runny but thick consistency. The flavour should be powerful, too strong to eat on its own. You must use water to get the marble effect with the cashew cream. 


Fill your glasses to half with cashew cream, add cacao sauce, top with more cashew cream. Use a small spoon to slowly swirl a marble effect. Decorate with fresh rose petals, cacao nibs, and some extra salt if desired. Or keep it simple just with a sprinkle of cacao or vanilla powder.

Chill in the fridge until ready to eat. Keeps refrigerated for 2-3 days.

Delicious Tips:

Add different flavourings to either the cashew cream or cacao sauce:
Orange, lemon or lime peel
Chili powder
Rose water
Orange blossom water
Essential oil of Mint or Lavender

Shiso Delicious | Mini Marble Salted Cacao Cashew Pots Recipe

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