Beetroot Harissa Lentil Pâté

This pâté was born out of a wish for something hummus-like and easy to make out of cupboard staples – in less than 30 minutes. I like making most of my food from scratch but cooking chickpeas for hummus, however tasty, takes forever! Buying ready-cooked tinned beans is not really an option .. Enter the red split lentil! These orange coloured little life-savers don't need soaking, are quick to cook and have a super long shelf life. I buy mine in bulk and keep a giant glass jar ready for action. 

I've used beetroot in this version but you can vary this recipe endlessly by using the same simple principle: Cooked drained lentils blended with lemon, seasoning and – if possible – a flavourful and not-too-juicy vegetable, herb, or fruit. I've been known to use slightly pan-charred sweet pepper, sun dried tomatoes, basil or mango .. the possibilities are endless. You can add a few spoons of coconut or olive oil, or tahini + water if you like but I enjoy the simplicity of this oil-free recipe.

Roast beetroot adds a little prep-time but gives so much flavour it makes up for the extra effort I think!

Shiso Delicious | Green & Magenta Super Stars: Rocket Brazilnut Pesto, Beetroot Harissa Lentil Pâté

The Beetroot Harisssa Red Lentil Pâté keeps for up to five days covered in the fridge and is delicious on pretty much everything: corn cakes or toast, with any raw or cooked vegetables, on a tortilla before loading it, in baked sweet potatoes, on savoury pancakes.. 


Shiso Delicious | Green & Magenta Super Stars – Rocket Brazilnut Pesto, Beetroot Harissa Lentil Pâté

Beetroot Harissa LENTIL Pâté

Makes around 400 ml


200ml red split lentils, washed

One medium beetroot (ca 120 g) peeled and sliced in 3 mm discs

Coconut oil, OR extra virgin olive oil for roasting

A pinch of garlic granules or half a garlic clove

Juice of half a lemon

1/2 teaspoon quality salt, or to taste

1/2 tablespoon Harissa spice mixture. This can be substituted with 1/2 tsp ground cumin, 1/2 tsp sweet paprika, 1/4 tsp chili powder, 1/4 dried mint and 1/4 garlic clove.

Extras: The pâté tastes beautiful as it is but if you want to take it next level, add one, two or all three of the following: 

1 teaspoon dry rose petals

Half a wedge of preserved lemon (1 wedge = about 1/8 of a whole lemon)

1 clove black garlic 


1. Cook the lentils in unsalted water until soft, 15-20 mins. Let drain in a sieve, removing as much water as possible.

2. Roast the beet: place on baking paper, coat in oil both sides, sprinkle with salt and garlic granules or rub with half a clove. Roast until slightly charred at the edges, 15 minutes, either under a medium hot grill or at 200°C.

3. Blend lentils, beetroot, salt, harissa and extras. Start by pulsing, then blend at a low speed until you have a velvet smooth consistency. Try not to add any extra liquid. 

 Beautiful extras: Preserved lemon, black garlic, d ried rose petals.

Beautiful extras: Preserved lemon, black garlic, dried rose petals.

The pâté will be firm enough to pile up high in a serving bowl – looks fantastic on a table of tapas!

And yes, building a savoury pancake tower with your pâté is perfectly acceptable :D


Shiso Delicious | Green & Magenta Super Spreads: Rocket Brazil nut Pesto, Beetroot Harissa Lentil Pâté