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April 2017

Monbento product catalogue 2017, photography featured as main imagery with credit to Shiso Delicious.

Cook Vegan, 3 page recipe feature and photography.

Interview feature on influencer agency Whalar's blog.

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Photography featured regularly on all Matchaeologist's social feeds (2016-2017)


Featured at Japanese national TV channel NHK World's Bento Expo episode 2, with a short video where I demonstrated making the 'Magic Winter's Garden Bento'.

Interview feature on Living Minnaly lifestyle/motivational/fitness/food blog, in series 'Women who inspire'.

Read it here.

Product photography featured on Monbento website and marketing collateral.

January 2017

Recipe and photography 3 page feature in Vegan Life print magazine, Moussaka with Almond Tsatsiki.

Interview on Chinese WeChat account foodvision. Read the interview here (in chinese). 

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August 2016

Shiso Delicious became Brand Ambassador for French bento apparel brand Monbento. Commisions include a monthly recipe + photoshoot by Shiso Delicious which is used in Monbento marketing including packaging design and, as pictured, exhibition display ;)

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Featured on Monbento Team page as Ambassador.

Featured on Monbento Team page as Ambassador.

Recipe feature in Maranda Pleasant's Thrive Magazine, print and online.

JULY 2016

Exclusive recipe for Monbento. Shiso Delicious interview.

Two recipes in Vegan Lifestyle Magazine app: Beetroot Harissa Pate and Blueberry Cashew Cream Overnight Oats.

May 2016

My first ever published recipe feature! On Jamie Oliver's website. Thank you!

March 2016

Lovely Ida who writes the beautiful blog My Messy Eatery's asked me to answer 10 questions about myself. The resulting interview can be read here at her blog. 

Not exactly a restaurant review but still .. a tiny mention in Time Out London ;) as part of the Turning Earth Easter Sale, one of Time Out's Top ten Easter activities in London.

'As well as buying ceramics direct from the maker, there will be local nosh on offer from Shiso Delicious'


28 February

Shiso Delicious was featured at the NHK World TV programme Bento Expo alongside other bento enthusiasts from all over the world. 

The programme can be watched here.

A home video of me preparing bento is shown in the 'Healthy Bento' section (where else! ;) around 2/3 into the programme. The programme host Marc Matsumoto commented: 

"The great thing about bento is that you can customise it to your own dietary needs whether it’s reducing the salt, the fat .. We saw with Shiso Delicious in the UK, that her box was vegan and gluten free but she’s also has tofu, nuts and seeds for the protein so it’s a balanced meal that meets her dietary requirements – and it looks delicious!" 

Thank you NHK World and Amazon Laterna for the feature.

24 February

Shiso Delicious was featured as one of 5 'Best veggie accounts' on Instagram by big Swiss fashion and lifestyle magazine Annabelle on their 'Gourmet' blog. Thank you so much! See the post here 

My IG friends Nourish Atelier and Herbs & Roots were also featured. An honour to be featured alongside them – I respect their work hugely. 

January 2016


Shiso Delicious Instagram account was featured as one of 'the coolest Instagram accounts' in BASIC Magazine: a print fashion magazine published four times a year and distributed in the fashion capitals all over the world. 

Thank you BASIC, you made my day!