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FAQ – bento workshops with Shiso Delicious

Q: What is the difference between the vegan and vegetarian workshop?

The workshops are identical, apart from that in the vegetarian one I will prepare one egg dish. If you are very sensitive to the smell and sight of eggs then go for the vegan, but if not and you are still vegan, you can join into the vegetarian workshop – there will plenty of food to make and eat for everyone!

Q: Do I have to take the BENTO INTRO workshop before BENTO MEAL PREP workshop?

Not all all :) I have designed the workshops to suit everyone regardless of previous experience, whether that's in cooking or bentos. Just come along and have fun!

Q: Do I need to bring a bento box?

No, I have bento boxes for you to borrow. But if you like to bring your own, you are very welcome to.

Q: Can I buy a bento box from you?

Not at present.

Q: What brand of rice cooker do you use?

I have an old Sanyo rice cooker I bought in Japan 20 years ago that is no longer available to buy. I'm currently looking into testing a couple of brands so I can recommend one wholeheartedly to you. So far I have friends recommending the Zojirushi or Muji brand. Unless you have a very large family, or a catering business, I'd recommend always getting the smallest model possible. It will take up less space in your kitchen and even the smallest model cooks a lot of rice. Also, it's better to make more small batches of rice rather than one huge that you can't finish in a few days.

Q: Where do I find Gochugaru – Korean Pepper?

If you live in London, there are several Korean supermarkets, all will stock gochugaru. Otherwise online is an option, and the brand that I have been using looks like this:


Q: Is there a discount?

My newsletter subscribers get 10% off workshops, so get in there!

Q: Is the workshop suitable for those who avoid gluten?

Yes it is! I am using ingredients that are naturally gluten free like tamari soy sauce or oats, however these may have traces of gluten. If you are severely allergic, please contact me and I will do my best to accommodate :)