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My book

Bento Power: Brilliantly Balanced Lunchbox Recipes

My first published book Bento Power is out now!

The UK/European version is available to buy from good bookstores and online by clicking on the buttons :)

An US edition will be released 5th March 2019. The only difference to the UK version is measurements (cups and ounces instead of grams and millilitres) and that I had to remove some of the products in resources that are not available in the US. Everything else is the same!

Bento Power is my collection of recipes and principles developed while making bento for my love A and myself to save us (especially him!) from sad and lifeless lunch options at work.

The bento I make is based on the Japanese original: rice (grains) plus a number of small side dishes packed in a bento box and taken to school or work. However, mine has more raw and whole elements than typical bento, they're quicker to make with less side dishes and they are plant based (there are 8 egg recipes in the book, the rest is vegan). I use the Japanese principle of 5 colours in food: white, black, red, green and yellow, as well as 5 flavours and 5 qualities – traditionally included to make a meal complete. My bento also uses my own 5 nutritional elements of carbs, greens, protein, fruit/veg and sprinkles and incorporates flavours and methods from my multicultural upbringing in Sweden, exploring my roots in Japan, and life in London.

Bento Power: Brilliantly Balance Lunchbox Recipes is published by Kyle Books (Octopus Publishing Group).

The book's photography styled and shot by me (with a few helping hands), portraits are by Jenna Foxton and Carolina Llamusi-Silbermann and graphic design is by Before Breakfast Design.

I've poured my heart and soul into Bento Power, I hope you will enjoy it!

REVIEWS from Amazon:

“Stunning photography, innovative recipes, straight from the heart”

“I'm so in love with the recipes in this book! Everything I've cooked has been delicious and, even better, it's all so easy to make.”

“Absolutely love this book! I love that you can mix and match aspects of each recipe to build your own bento and it all still works.”

#bentopowerbook (use this tag if you cook from the book and I will share your creations!)