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Bento Meal Prep WORKSHOP & dinner with Shiso Delicious

 Photo by Carolina Llamusi-Silbermann

Photo by Carolina Llamusi-Silbermann

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Wednesday 22 November (vegetarian)


Venue opens 6:15pm
Start 6.30pm
Finish 10pm 

£60 per person, £110 for 2 people booked at the same time. Includes snacks, dinner and food to take away.

Frequently Asked Questions HERE! 

at Craving Coffee N15 4QQ
9 minutes walk from Seven Sisters Tube and Overground and Tottenham Hale train station 

You don't need to take BENTO INTRO before Bento MEAL PREP. You will learn how to make bento at both workshops!

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"The spontaneity and love that Sara puts into it was very useful and gave us lots of tips to put into practice on a daily basis"

"You were absolutely charming and warm, loving kind of person. Don’t ever change!"

 Photo by Carolina Llamusi-Silbermann

Photo by Carolina Llamusi-Silbermann

 Craving Coffee

Craving Coffee

How do I make nourishing and delicious bento packed lunch almost every day without giving up or getting bored? Where do I find motivation, how do I make it work?

If you are looking for prep inspiration or are stuck in a rut with your food prep this workshop is for you! We will have a night of learning, laughing and eating together at our cute venue Craving Coffee.

This evening you will get more familiar with the Japanese – and world – ingredients, flavours and methods that Shiso Delicious is known for :) There's also time to get your hands dirty by helping with prep and finally assemble your own bento box! The recipes at this workshop are not just for bento but can be used for any meal or snacks – dessert and breakfast too!


A Bento is a hugely popular style of packed lunch originating from Japan. Mostly home-made, it’s based around rice with a selection of side dishes packed in a box.

Shiso Delicious’ bento is a little different. Quick and easy to make, full of vegetables and flavour, it is plant based (vegetarian/vegan), include some raw dishes and is free from dairy and gluten.

I will guide you through:

  • How I prep nourishing food to have to hand most days of the week. Bulk prepping, storing and creative use of veggies, pulses, nuts and seeds.
  • How I use condiments, spices and foods concentrated in nutrients like seaweeds, miso and ferments to make the simplest dishes dance in your mouth (without the use of onion or garlic for meeting- friendly bento!).
  • Tricks and hacks to reduce the number of steps, washing up and waste while adding reams of nutritiousness to your bento.
  • Shopping, prep, storage and disposal of food to reduce environmental impact and the amount of plastic and chemicals used.
  • Soaking and using slow and overnight methods that ultimately save time, nutrients and your wallet. 
  • How to build up a ‘potion cabinet’ of ready to go condiments and dry pre-preps that will make your bento delicious in one magic sprinkle! 

Bento Prep workshop with Shiso Delicious includeS:

Welcome mini tea ritual: matcha green tea or herbal 

Learning about: 

  • Bento Prep principles, including tools
  • Japanese ingredients including seaweeds and other nutrition boosting foods
  • Sunday prep day: food for the week ahead
  • Quick pickles, Level II
  • Marinades and dressings
  • Seasoning and nourishment sprinkles
  • Naturally sweetened quick treats to go
  • Bento prep hacks 
  • Assembly / Styling

Assemble your own bento box

Sit down and eat what we've made together

You will leave the workshop with:

  • Methods, inspiration and know-how to get started on prepping your own bentos straight away  
  • A recipe collection (pdf) emailed to you
  • A shopping list, including where to buy (pdf) emailed to you
  • A small gift

Look forward to see you there! 

Sara x

 Photo by  @rebelrecipes