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Bento Intro WORKSHOP with Shiso Delicious

Photo by Carolina Llamusi-Silbermann

Photo by Carolina Llamusi-Silbermann


Wednesday 11 October (vegan)
Monday 6 November (vegetarian)


at Craving Coffee N15 4QQ
9 minutes walk from Seven Sisters Tube and Overground and Tottenham Hale train station 

To book: Contact me below and I will send you a Paypal invoice. 10% off if you book Bento Intro and Bento Prep at the same time (£135 for both). If you have questions about the workshop you can contact me below too.

"I enjoyed the whole workshop, the tasting, the bento box making! Everything was so beautiful and inspiring." 

"Thank you for a lovely evening. I enjoyed the class a lot. Your open mindedness and positivity added to making the class so lovely." – Workshop participants

Photo by @rebelrecipes
Craving Coffee

Craving Coffee

If you love Japanese and/or healthy food and want the tools to start exploring your own bento lunches, or want to add something new to your repertoire, this workshop is for you! We will have a night of learning, laughing and eating together at our cute venue Craving Coffee.

In this workshop you will learn about my flavour combinations and ingredients and plenty of tricks and tips on how to prepare your own nourishing bento in a few easy steps. You will assemble your own bento box with the food we have prepared  (I have boxes for you to use) and I’ll share my packing and styling tips. Finally we sit down and enjoy our feast with a chance to ask questions and have a chat :)

The recipes at this workshop are not just for bento but can be used for an easy lunch, dinner and snacks too!

To learn what a traditional bento is, check Wikipedia

Photo by @carokocht

Photo by @carokocht

Bento Intro with Shiso Delicious includes:

Printable recipe collection emailed to you before the workshop

Welcome mini tea ritual: matcha or herbal 

  • Introduction to Japanese bento and how I have adapted it to my own food philosophy
  • How to choose and use a bento box and accessories

Ingredient introduction: 

  • Rice 
  • Seaweeds
  • Condiments 

Recipe demos: 

  • White and black rice the Japanese way
  • Onigiri – rice balls
  • Rice vermicelli with Korean dressing
  • Basic Japanese vegetable cutting techniques
  • Quick pickles, Level I
  • Seasoning sprinkles 
  • Vegan workshop: Smashed wakame beans
  • Vegetarian workshop: Tamago-yaki, Japanese layered omelette
  • Plus a surprise dish or two :) 

Tips and tricks for bento assembly + styling
Assemble your own bento box
Sit down and feast, with Q & A

Look forward to see you there! 

Sara x

Photo by @rebelrecipes